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Spring 2021 IT Training

"Spring 2021 IT/CS/AI Regular Training Course for Youth" is planned and operated by Informatique Athensoft Inc., and it is specially developed for young learners integrating fields such as Computer Science, IT, AI enlightenment, Digital Arts, as well as Leadership. It is delivered in various ways including courses, events and activities. We have successfully established an effective learning system from our long-term teaching practice. The subjects are well selected and based on mainstream technologies in industry at present; and our goal is to enable students to solve real problems with the knowledge, skills and approaches they learned.

Goals and Core Values

The significance of our training system and courses is to enrich the students’ after-school life, to help students make their spare time more meaningful and valuable, and to learn or master one or more computer related technologies which are essential at present or in the future. In the learning process, we are also helping students to cultivate and promote engineering thinking, leadership ability, and the habits and qualities needed in the future workplace, which benefits for their whole careers. We encourage young learners to discover and challenge themselves, and help them to get ready for the future.

About Athensoft

Informatique Athensoft Inc. (also known as Athensoft) is an Information Technology Service company registered in Quebec, Canada. We are committed to providing software application solutions and related consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises. We also provide IT/AI training services, career oriented training for job seekers, college students, adults and entities. We independently planned and developed our own courses and learning system, and have successfully held or participated in many youth science and technology spring camps, summer camps and many related events, and have been widely praised.

News and Events

Athensoft IT/AI Workshop in Winter Holidays 2020-2021

2020.12.21 - 2021.1.10
To know yourself, to open your mind, and to experience new knowledge and technology
Professional team | Continuous innovation | Independent production

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Web Design
19:00 - 20:30

website design

Java and OOP
19:00 - 20:30

website design

Python Programming
19:00 - 20:30

Athensoft Spring 2021 IT/AI Courses Plan

2021.1.11 - 2021.6.13
Help you gain knowledge, enhance your skills, improve your problem-solving abilities
Experts support | Independent innovation | A bridge to Industry

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Series I.    Python Programming and Software Development

For Young Learners

The Python programming language is concise and powerful, which can easily implement rich functions without the redundancy and cumbersomeness of other languages. In this course, students can systematically learn the most popular programming language Python, easily master the basic grammar, and lay a good programming foundation for further studies.

The Python language is a necessary prerequisite technology for artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, and robot programming; many North American universities have gradually adopted Python as the main programming language in teaching.

1. STEM 1401 Python I (Beginner level)
2. STEM 1402 Python II (Intermediate level)
3. STEM 1403 Python III (Advanced level)
4. STEM 1404 Algorithm and ADT in Python (Intermediate/Advanced level)

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Series II.    Web Design and Programming

For Young Learners

Students can learn mainstream standard technologies related to the Web (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), and learn how professional engineers design and make web applications or websites.

The web is everywhere. Nowadays, people are used to directly obtaining software functions and services from the web. Whether it is PC, mobile, in-vehicle system, or even other digital devices, it can support the web. The web is widely used and easy to learn, so you don't have to worry about getting started even for beginners.

1. STEM 1201 Web I (Beginner level)
2. STEM 1202 Web II (Intermediate level)
3. STEM 1211 Web Design I (Intermediate level)
4. STEM 1212 Web Design II (Advanced level)
5. STEM 1221 Web Programming I (Intermediate level)
6. STEM 1222 Web Programming II (Advanced level)

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Series III.    Java Programming and Software Development

For Young Learners

Students may systematically learn Java and object-oriented programming, fully grasp its basic grammar, and quickly get started; they can also experience the charm of object-oriented programming (OOP).

Java is not only a powerful full-featured programming language but also represents the Java technology system and platform. Most of the world's well-known technology companies use Java in their products and platforms, such as IBM, Google, Oracle, Amazon, Alibaba, etc.

1. STEM 1301 Java I (Beginner level)
2. STEM 1302 Java II (Intermediate level)
3. STEM 1303 Java III (Advanced level)
4. STEM 1404 Algorithm and ADT in Java (Intermediate/Advanced level)

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Series IV.    Introduction to IT/CS

For Young Learners

As a recommended initiation course, this course is a necessary introduction to the IT/AI kingdom for beginners.

For students who have learned programming before, they can have a more systematic and comprehensive understanding of the IT/AI field in this course.

1. STEM 1000 IT/CS Fundamentals 信息技术与计算机科学基础
2. STEM 1100 Introduction to Software Engineering 软件工程基础
3. STEM 1101 Introduction to Computer Programming 计算机编程基础

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We listen attentively to your needs; we follow industry trends; we have over 15-year-experience, and we are growing with our clients and students.

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