Supporting services are complementary services other than website plans and custom services. They ensure that websites are safely stored, smoothly released, running, and well-maintained. The supporting services also include consultation and training so that the users of web applications can master knowledge and skills to give full play to the maximum business value.

Athensoft Supporting Services

Supporting services are independent of website plans and custom services, and they are set for you to choose from and meet your various needs.

Domain name service

We help customers choose domain name service providers, purchase, configure domain names, and manage accounts.

Hosting service

We help customers choose host service providers, purchase, configure hosts, install and configure software, monitor host and network status, and manage host service accounts.

Data maintenance

We help customers maintain business data, including backup, appending, restoring, cleaning, checking, verifying etc.

Content maintenance

We help customers maintain web content, including modification, addition, proofreading, checking, backup, and etc.

System maintenance

We help customers maintain their web applications, including removing bugs, cleaning up, version controlling, backup, and etc. We also help customers maintain a variety of server-side software about load balancing, server cluster, high reliability, performance, and etc.

Project planning

We assist clients in business establishment, project planning, project implementation plan, project evaluation, and etc.

Technical consulting

We help customers to solve technical problems of related applications or services.

Technical training

We help customers master skills and related technologies for their web applications. We help developers improve their business skills, technical knowledge and skills.