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Customizing service is a kind of software technology service, which is designed according to the customer's will and demand, and is specially designed for the customer's business goal, and is implemented and delivered to the customer.

Other than Web Plan, Customizing service is user-centric, what business functions to be implemented are fully determined by the customer.

Customizing service is an ideal option in such cases: clients cannot find a desired web application or product with expected function in market; no such web application or product meet the requirement of clients; clients are planning to establish a private web application designed upon what their business really need.

How it works

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The basic process of customizing service is divided into two stages, that is, the phase of negotiation and the stage of project execution.

The first stage is the stage of negotiation for intention achievement. It is Client who can initial the process. Clients offer written or oral request to Athensoft, we then evaluate the feasibility and give the estimating cost. If the project is feasible and the customer agrees to a preliminary offer, it may forward to the next stage.

The second stage is the stage of project execution. It begins with the signing of the service contract, and ends with the transition of the project.

Customers need to articulate business objectives and list the functions expected to employ.

Determine the scale of system and number of visits to the site
Determine the theme or template style
Select the appropriate function module from the product page of our site to help describe the functional requirements
If there is no required module, clients should provide supplementary description of functional requirements
Clients describe non-functional requirements
Determine maintenance work

Calculate service costs according to the degree of fineness of the design, the number of functions, the difficulty of implementation, and the workload of maintenance. The final price was determined after consultation between the two parties. The terms of payment will be included in the contract.

Both parties sign the Service Agreement. The service agreement clearly lists the responsibilities and obligations of both parties, the price of the project services, the terms of delivery, the terms of termination of the project, the terms of change, the disclaimers and other provisions protected by law.

After the service contract comes into effect, we carry out the project independently according to the industry standard and general procedure, employing agile methodology, multiple rounds of incremental iterating process. Each iteration goes through several phases of modeling, requirements analysis, design, build, test, and deployment. The number of iterations varies according to the size of the project.

We deploy and publish the web application. Clients are required to participate in the project acceptance process, and the acceptance is confirmed by signature on paper or email.

Once the official release of the project is published, the project enters the operation and maintenance phase. We shall carry out the maintenance work or transfer to the customer according to the contract.

Customer Instructions

The customized project price consists of design and development service part, infrastructure service part and maintenance service part.

Design and Developing Fee

It is a one-time charge for the design and development activities of the project. It is calculated by various factors such as the workload, the difficulty of the work, the average price in market. This fee is charged by us.

Infrastructure Fee
It mainly includes domain name service fee and hosting service fee. We do not charge these fees accordingly, if customers already have their own domain names or using their hosting space.

Maintenance Fee
It is charged according to the method of maintenance work in accordance with the terms of the project contract. Generally, System-level maintenance such as network, server-side software, database management systems, etc., is charged regularly by month; while data and content maintenance charges are based on actual workload and market rates.

The agreement document contain Athensoft Software Services Agreement and Confirmation of Customer Request. The Confirmation of Customer Request is the technical details of the customer request for the project and has the same contract effect.

Both parties to the contract need to sign the contract after consultation without objection. If the customer is unable to sign the contract in person, we will sign the paper contract and scan it into an electronic file and send it to the customer by email. Customer shall reply to us by work or company email address as soon as possible, confirming in writing that all terms and conditions of the contract are acknowledged and accepted.

Upon receipt of the above contract confirmation mail, the contract takes effect and the project is officially started.

In general, in order to ensure the stability of the project, requirements are immediately signed effective, and it cannot be changed at will.

In special cases such as that customer business changes during the implementation phase of the project, clients have to modify the business requirements, both parties can renegotiate for the relevant part of the revision.

In order to respect the seriousness of the contract and to make up for the work that has been completed but abandoned, we will charge a certain penalty for breach of contract.

Service Policies

  1. Any customizing website can be running at cloud servers of Athensoft and managed by us or be running at the hosting servers approved by us to ensure the web applications run properly.
  2. Any custom level site cannot be down-graded to plan level.
  3. Content maintenance work consists of adding, changing, removal both text words and images in the web pages, and increasing a new language edition.
  4. Image processing will be charged also on hour-basis if that work is necessary.
  5. In general, clients should prepare translation and submit to us, since we do not provide translating service for now.
  6. Clients must take full responsibilities for correctness, completeness, legality of all words and images.
  7. We reserve all rights to interpret our web plan services.


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