Programming with Java Core I

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Java/Java Web Developer jobs known as the 1st place in the IT job market in Montreal. In addition, Java/Java Web Developers are sweet jobs highly paid by employers at present.

This course is the first stage to the Java and Java Web Technologies. You'll be introduced to Object Oriented Programming (OOP) using Java. You'll learn fundamental programming structures including data types, operators, branching and looping structures, user-defined methods and basic data structures. You'll also play around with classes that use OOP features like encapsulation, inheritance, interfaces, overloading, overriding and polymorphism. However, that is not enough for job requirement, you’ll be also trained with practical techniques such as handling exceptions, file operation, establishing work environment, performing compile, package and deployment and more fancy skills.

You don't need any programming background to take this class but once you're finished, you will find yourself transformed from a newbie to an engineer with much more confidence.

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Your take-away

You may obtain such offers when successfully complete this course:
  1. Setup development environment for JavaSE
  2. Model data with primitive and user-defined data types
  3. Use loops for iterative processing
  4. Make decisions using control structures
  5. Use the Java language to implement algorithms to solve problems
  6. Apply object-oriented methodology to program design
  7. Write programs that manipulate file processing
This course is a great way to help you:
  1. Hand-in experience
  2. Study certificate
  3. Reference letter
  4. Other proofs of abilities

Our approach

  1. A very short term of learning
  2. Step-by-step training
  3. Practical and live demos
  4. In-depth tips & tricks
  5. Easy to understand
  6. Learning with projects
  7. Real work style
  8. 99.99% success guaranteed

Who benefits the most?

  1. Anyone who wants or needs to learn the fundamentals of programming.
  2. Anyone who wants or needs to learn the Java technologies.
  3. Students who need develop software as part of their course work or thesis.
  4. Students in any university/college/CEGEP program who wish to acquire practical and hands-on skills in programming.
  5. Anyone who wants to become a Java educator at level 1.
  6. Developers currently working in another programming language who want to learn Java in an instructor-led setting.
  7. Developers who want to expand their knowledge of Java in an instructor-led setting.

Prerequisite courses

no prerequisite course

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