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Athensoft Open-Minded Learning is providing localized educational product and service launched by Informatique Athensoft. We summarized the characteristics of higher education and vocational education and training, analyzed current and future years of scientific and technological development and employment situation, combined their own educational experience and resources, and then innovated a flexible and efficient education and open learning service system. At present, The Open-Minded Learning involves business in IT vocational training, IT new technology learning, youth technology training, other vocational skills training and certification counseling, and etc.

The mission of the Open-Minded Learning in IT vocational training is to enable students to quickly grasp practical skills, quickly gain project experience, and quickly improve the working abilities in workforces, helping students to enhance their self-confidence from the inside out and helping them realize their dreams of career. Targeted, doing more with less.   View

The mission of youth science and technology training is to employ the STEM concepts to enable young people and children to get in touch with science and technology, to stimulate them to learn and use science and technology, to improve their ability to work, to innovate, to solve problems, and to make them thinking as a Maker. Take the first step and win the game.   View

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