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Commercial Web Application Solution

We develop web applications of most industries and sizes for business and individual, including corporate image site, product presentation site, e-commerce site, enterprise solutions, web application platforms, and powerful back-end applications.

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Public IT/AI Training Service

Athensoft Open-Minded Learning is providing localized educational products and services. At present, the services include IT/AI vocational training, new technology learning, IT/AI training for youth, other profesional skills training and certification counseling, and etc.

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Graphic Design and Corporate Image

We provide graphic design services for web or printing including website processing and design, ad banners, posters, vector icons, business cards, corporate logo, menu, product catalogs, brochures, etc.

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website design

Web-based Application Development

Web application is web-accessible computer application. The biggest advantage is that users only need a browser to access applications. You do not need to install other software. Web applications are generally browser / server architectures, which made up of various web components that perform specific tasks and present them to web users. Technologies for implementing web applications may include: HTML, CSS, JS, Java Web, JavaEE, PHP, ASP.net, and etc.

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Open-Minded Learning Public IT/AI Training

Our training services aims to help trainees acquire practical skills and hands-on experiences. We also actively participate in or host public activities on topics of IT/AI and related technologies.

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training service

adogo online marketing brand

Adogo Marketing and Branding

Adogo is an online branding and advertising platform of new concept of life. It is an ecosystem of individuals and businesses, lives and businesses. Adogo provides visitors with an accurate and intelligent search engine which makes it much easier to find what they need. Visitors can also mark and share interested businesses and ads. Adogo provides merchants with a new open advertising channel that increases presence, leads traffic, and achieves a win-win situation.

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Knowledge-style Social Media

As a new type of social mode, knowledge-based society regards knowledge as an important medium for establishing social relationships among people. People exchange information and thoughts through sharing professional knowledge so as to construct a knowledge-based social relations. Traditional social society has only one social mainline based on the interpersonal chain. In the era of knowledge economy, a single interpersonal chain can no longer meet people's needs for knowledge. Therefore, knowledge-based social activities based on relationship and knowledge are gradually becoming mainstream for social communications.

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knowledge social media

graphic design

Graphic Design Services

Informatique Athensoft provides you with professional design services: web banners, website graphic elements, company logos, business cards, catalogs, flyers, brochures, posters, coupons, menus and etc.

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