Informatique Athensoft is committed to website development, mobile applications, e-commerce, lightweight ERP solution design and implementation, Application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies, IT consulting, training, graphic design, online marketing and online branding services. Our headquarters is in Quebec, Canada.

Athensoft Open-Minded Learning Center was established to providing online and offline educational services for adults and adolescents. We are making great efforts to deliver low requirement of admission, high quality, and valuable tutoring and training services, while we also serve young learners for their interests, enhancing abilities in science and technologies to embrace the future.

J Design Studio, the creative graphical design studio, was founded by Designer Jocelyne on Oct. 4th, 2017, and is under the operation by Informatique Athensoft. We have much expertise in printing work for commercial purpose, VI/CI (Visual Identity and Corporate Image), catalog and package design as well as digital/web ad banners.

CanData AI & Data Science Lab was founded by Informatique Athensoft with co-founders. We are committed to do research and develop applications, solutions and to provide services for industries. Additionally, we also support consulting and technical training projects.

SITEM Forum was founded by Informatique Athensoft and CanData. SITEM denotes for Startups, Innovation, Technology, Exchanging Mind. Topics are various, we are gathering at this forum to share knowledge and experiences freely, and most of the events are non-profitable purpose.

Our Values

Customer-centered and market-oriented Informatique Athensoft will keep the pace with time, and help customers to establish a good brand. Our goal is to develop common progress along with our customers.


Our Team

Members of the core team came from China and Canada, who are proficient in large enterprise software development, e-commerce software development, website planning and operation, mobile Internet and network promotion, business intelligence and big data applications.


Target Market and Industries

Enterprises, organizations, business owners and individuals in North American and China. Informatique Athensoft is dedicated to integrating concepts and technologies such as ERP, CRM, mobile internet, social media, big data and AI to provide businesses and individuals with lightweight and flexible IT solutions covering import, export, trade, logistics, e-commerce, payment, wholesale and retail , catering, education, tourism, professional services and other industries.


Core Advantages

Informatique Athensoft always puts clients interest at the first place, and we value appraise from our customers.
Informatique Athensoft is market-oriented and innovative. We have a professional technical team, mature and proven technology, and rich experience in website development.
Our development process is scientific and efficient, which guarantees the quality of our products and services.

Our history